Supplier Quality Management Software

It is a cost-effective supplier quality Management software solution with all you need tools and forms to establish a  Supplier Quality Management System for

  • Lot Inspections
  • Supplier PPM Reports
  • Supplier On-time Delivery Performance
  • Supplier Scorecard

It is ideal solution for

  • Tracking incoming lot inspection data, on-time delivery and supplier PPM performance for up to 250 LAN users or upgrade to MS SQL 2000/2005 for better performance and reliability
  • Communicating information (e.g. Product SPEC, PPM, On-time Rate and etc.) between Engineering, Quality, Sales, Purchasing, customers and suppliers effectively
  • Reducing operational costs, costs of poor quality, and non-value added administrative costs
  • Providing flexible and dynamic supplier performance reports, analysis and trending

Supply Chain Management System Desktop EditionKey Benefits:

Improve your suppliers quality and delivery performance

  • Report inspection results, Supply Chain and delivery performance
  • Create and track Supplier Corrective Action Request
  • Generate Supplier Report Card
  • Collaborate suppliers, departments, and divisions

Save time and administrative support on everyday tasks

  • Enter data once and share it seamlessly with suppliers or internal users  (network license is needed)
  • Generate Monthly Supplier Performance Reports and graphics by just 1 click
  • No more extensive Excel data manipulations
  • Easy integration with MRP/ERP system (e.g. SAP)

Get a complete view of your suppliers’ performance

  • Store and organize all your Supply Chain and on-time delivery data one database
  • Complete supplier on-time delivery and quality reports in annually, monthly and lot basis
  • Get quality issue insights and trending with quality reports, rolling 12-month reports, and supplier report card

Who should try this program

  • Businesses that need to manage and improve Supply Chain performance and delivery performance
  • Businesses that manage OEM suppliers (e.g. home appliances businesses)
  • Corporation users that need to consolidate and reconcile supplier performance reports from different divisions

 Download    Web-based Solution

Features at a glance

  • A cost-effective supplier quality management solution
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users or upgrade to MS SQL 2000/2005 for better performance and reliability (network license is needed)
  • No IT support required
  • Ideal for
    – Manufacturing
    – OEM Supplier
    – Medical Device
    – Household Products
    – Cosmetic Products
  • Creating and manage incoming inspection plan and workload
  • Retaining inspection records
  • Issuing and tracking Supplier Corrective Action (SCAR)
  • SCAR effectiveness review and verification
  • Generating Supplier Monthly Performance Report
  • Rolling 12-month Supplier Performance Reports
  • Supplier Report Card
  • Exporting reports to Excel for further analysis

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