Production Quality Management System

It is all you need to instantly establish Six Sigma production quality monitoring system

  • Six Sigma process control that utilize
  • DPU, Throughput Yield, Cycle Time, Sigma Level
  • Pareto Analysis of production defects
  • Corrective Action Request Management
  • Process Knowledge Base Management

Production Quality Management System Desktop EditionKey Benefits:

Instantly establishing a Six Sigma process control system

  • Following the built-in process map and Traveler to collect basic production data such Production Input, Defect Qty and etc.
  • System automatically calculating the data and converting the data to Six Sigma measurements e.g. Throughput Yield, DPU, Sigma Level and etc.
  • No specific Black Belt or Green Belt training is needed

Saving time and administrative support on your everyday tasks

  • Entering data once and sharing it seamlessly with users  (network license is needed)
  • Install-n- play. No special IT support is needed
  • Built-in Pareto Analysis to identify key issues

Getting a complete view of your production performance through sophisticated reports with auto-updated charts

  • Quantitative analysis –  use Six Sigma measurements such as Yield, DPU, DPMO, Cycle Time, and Sigma Level, and automatically updated charts to report process performance
  • Qualitative analysis –  Use Pareto analysis and charts to identify key process and product
  • Failure mode analysis – use failure mode trending and charts to monitor the long-term system, product, and process performances, and the evaluate the effectiveness of the improvement activities
  • Reports on work order, process, product and system levels


Features at a glance

  • A cost-effective Six Sigma production quality management solution
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users or upgrade to MS SQL 2000/2005 for better performance and reliability (network license is needed)
  • No IT support required
  • Ideal for
    – Manufacturing
    – OEM Supplier
    – Medical Device
    – Household Products
    – Cosmetic Products
  • Retaining process quality data
  • Converting process data to Six Sigma measurements
  • Using Six Sigma measurements e.g. Throughput Yield, Cycle Time, DPU, Sigma Level to monitor process performance
  • Built-in Pareto analysis to identify key issues
  • Fully integrated with QIT Corrective Action Management System Desktop Edition
  • Reporting process, product and system performance

“I have highly recommended QIT’s software and services to others within the corporation and will continue to recommend QIT!” – Marcella