Desktop Audit Management System

Low Cost Audit Management System :

A cost-effective solution with all you need tools and forms to establish a desktop ISO Audit Management System for

  • ISO9000/14000 internal audits
  • Safety and Environment audits
  • or any type of system audits

It is an ideal solution for

  • Instantly establishing a desktop audit management system for up to 250 LAN users or upgrade to MS SQL Server 2000/2005
  • Building an internal audit system that complies with ISO9000/QS9000, ISO14000, ISO13485 and ISO/TS16949
    • Standardized audit questionnaires/checklists
    • Consolidated audit plans
    • Closed-loop audit findings tracking
  • Managing Internal Corrective/Preventive Action (CAPA) and Supplier Corrective/Preventive Action (SCAR)

Key Benefits:

Corrective Action Software Desktop EditionA cost-effective solution

  • As low as $550/user for up to 250 LAN users
  • Visualized reports for Cost of Quality (COQ/COPQ) and Risk
  • Defining, tracking and eliminating root causes
  • Discovering hidden system problems

Easy to use

  • An intuitive audit management solution for easy deployment
  • Built-in flow chart for swift program navigation
  • Entering data once and sharing it seamlessly with internal users (network license is needed)
  • Install-n-play capability
  • Corrective Action Software

Comply with quality standards and beyond

  • Complying with ISO9000/QS9000, ISO14000, ISO13485 and ISO/TS16949
  • Providing a clear and neat picture of your quality system to ISO auditors
  • Closing the loop of the quality improvement cycle

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Features at a glance

  • A cost-effective desktop solution
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users or upgrade to MS SQL 2000/2005 for better performance and reliability (network license is needed)
  • Ideal for
    – ISO9000 registered companies
    – Automotive
    – Manufacturing
    – OEM Supplier
    – Medical Device
    – Government Service
    – Direct Marketing
    – Transportation
    – Hospital/Clinic
  • Managing audit questionnaire templates/checklists
  • Generating audit plans
  • Tracking findings
  • 8-D compatible corrective action process
  • 4W1H root cause analysis approach
  • Action effectiveness review and verification
  • In-depth Audit Report, Department Performance Report, and Quality Cost Reports and trending
  • Exporting reports to Excel

“I don’t believe the Cost of Quality and RPN [Risk and Priority Number] appeared on it before, unless I’m mistaken. I’m very pleased with the reporting features of the program.” – Gary