Desktop Solutions

Corrective Action Software Desktop Edition

  • Cost effective solution
  • An intuitive corrective action management solution
  • 4W1H root cause analysis approach
  • Discover areas need improvements.
  • Visualized reports.
  • Build a knowledge base
  • Comprehensive action effectiveness review and verification
  • See how the program works.
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users

Supply Chain Management System Desktop Edition

  • Create and manage incoming inspection plan and workload
  • Retain inspection records
  • Issue and track supplier corrective actions (SCAR)
  • SCAR effectiveness review and verification
  • Generate Supplier Monthly Performance Report
  • Rolling 12-month Supplier Performance Reports
  • Supplier Report Card
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users

Aviation Safety Audit Manager Desktop Edition

  • Manage IEP, LOSA, ATC IEP, incident reporting and NOSS safety programs for all sizes of airlines and airports
  • Generate IEP audit worksheets and retains audit results
  • Dispatch, track and follow up issued CARs
  • Provide Risk and Human Factor trending for both LOSA and IEP
  • Built-in IEP worksheet templates
  • Incorporate color-coded risk assignment
  • Can be used for any system audits such as IEP, ISO9000 or ISO14000

Safety Action Management System Desktop Edition

  • Issue Safety Action Requests (SAR)
  • Monitor action progress and verify action results
  • Generate Risk and Human Factor Summary Reports
  • Risk and Human Factor trending
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users

Production Quality Management Solution

Production Quality Management System Desktop Edition

  • Utilize Six Sigma Measurement e.g. Long-term Sigma, Short-term Sigma, Yield, Throughput Yield, Cycle Time and etc.
  • Trend analysis of failure modes to verify improvement actions.
  • Capable of handling 1 to 250 LAN users
  • Quantitative Analysis- Use Six Sigma measurements to monitor process performance
  • Qualitative Analysis- Utilize Pareto analysis to define the key process, and key product
  • Fully integrated with QIT Corrective Action Management Systems

Six Sigma Calculator

  • Calculate Sigma Measurements (DPU, DPMO, Throughput Yield, Sigma Level and Cpk) for signal-step and multi-step processes.
  • Import dataset from Excel
  • Output calculations to Excel or Word