QIT Solutions

QIT Quality Management System
At QIT, we specialize in designing high-quality management solutions tailored to the specific needs of manufacturing and service industries, including Part 11 companies.

In today’s dynamic business landscape, enterprises face formidable challenges, such as surging material and labor costs, directly impacting their bottom line and customer satisfaction. Only those who demonstrate responsiveness and a deep understanding of evolving customer needs can survive and thrive.

In this rapidly changing environment, merely responding promptly to customer complaints and requests is no longer sufficient. To truly satisfy customers and drive cost reductions, organizations must embrace a proactive approach. This involves transforming every customer complaint and requests into actionable improvement initiatives through robust corrective and preventive actions.

To assess your organization’s readiness to meet these challenges, consider the following critical questions:

1 What are the primary issues currently affecting our operations? Who bears responsibility for these issues?
2 Which products contribute most significantly to our costs, and how much are they costing us?
3 Are our suppliers in China and Mexico adequately responsive to our corrective actions? Do they consistently provide timely feedback?

If you find yourself unable to answer these questions within a five-minute timeframe, it may be worthwhile to explore one of QIT’s enhanced solutions to improve your system.

Our Solutions include the following:

  • Customer Complaints and Nonconformance Management – sample case
  • Supplier and Supply Chain Management – sample case
  • Global Corrective Action and Preventive Action Management – sample case
  • Customer complaints, issues, incidents, and events management. Learn more


By partnering with us, your organization will enjoy a host of strategic benefits:

Incorporation of Cutting-Edge Management Concepts
Leverage QIT’s expertise in business process engineering and workflow management to gain a competitive advantage. We enable you to move beyond mere software solutions and optimize your business processes, ensuring future success.

Flexible and Customizable
Our solutions are meticulously designed to be flexible and customizable. We can tailor our software to align with your organization’s unique requirements, delivering a truly bespoke solution.

We understand the importance of cost considerations. Hence, we offer flexible licensing and payment options that cater to your financial constraints.

User-Friendly Interface
Our design philosophy is centered around workflow-driven and task-oriented interfaces. This approach ensures a clean and intuitive user experience, simplifying adoption and maximizing productivity.

Rapid Deployment
With our Global Corrective Action Management software, most customers can achieve full implementation, including customizations, within just four weeks. This fast turnaround allows your organization to quickly reap the benefits of our solution.

Seamless Integration and Scalability
Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing systems, including customer or supplier lists, product catalogs, and document management systems. This full integration ensures scalability and preserves your previous investments.

Our Expertise:

  • Process-driven and task-oriented designs
  • C#, C++, VB and Java programming
  • MS SQL Server database
  • IBM DB2 SQL Procedure
  • WebSphere Application
  • DB2 Database