Hosting Service

Service Available:

  • .net application hosting
  • SQL hosting

Solution 1:

Purchase QIT’s Web Application and Host on QIT’s Server.  Hosting on QIT’s secured server is the smart and cost-effective hosting solution for those needing 100% network uptime, responsiveness, technical expertise and a secure, high-end infrastructure. The cost of building and maintaining these capabilities in-house is far too demanding for most IT budgets and staffs.


  • Total product ownership
  • No financial investment on hardware and software
  • We will handle all IT issues for you

Note: Setting up and maintaining a a server is not a simple undertaking. It demands that the customer have a great deal of IT expertise and time. Any extra services or assistance by the provider also incurs extra costs.

Solution 2:

Subscribe to QIT’s Web Service on SaaS

  • On-demand month to month service
  • No large financial investment on software and hardware
  • cost-effective solution

Solution 3:

Host your application on QIT’s server

  • no need to set up your own application server
  • cost-effective solution