Safety Audit Management System for Airlines


Aviation SafetyA Dallas based US air carrier, which has lots of operations and hubs around the country.

The company has been using QIT Corrective Action Management System plus two customized modules for FAA recommended safety audit in the past two years.

The company has used the program to manage 120 corrective actions requests, 30 safety system audits, and more than 1000 safety observations.

QIT’s software program has helped the company becoming an industry leader in safety management, provided multiple opportunities for safety managers to prioritize issues, and minimized the administrative supports for the safety programs.

Specific results were impressive

  • Safety Managers are able to get rid of 4 big 6″ binders, and digitize all CAR information
  • Safety Managers can issue CARs wherever his/she found an issue
  • CAR Receivers around the country can retrieve CARs and enter corrective actions to a centralized database.
  • Safety Managers can prioritize CARs by either Due Day or Risk Level.
  • After all, users can learn the patterns of human factors and prevent/mitigate similar incidents from happening in the future.
  • cost saving of $120,000/year* on administrative supports for safety programs
  • Shortened problem solving cycle-time by 50%