Corrective Action System


QIT Corrective Action System

QIT Corrective Action System

A chemical producer, which has an operation in the US and a facility in Brazil.

Solutions and New Business Process

Recently the company purchased QIT Corrective Action Management System Web edition to replace its old Excel-based CAR system.

By hosting the program on QIT’s secured server, the program was up and running just in a couple of hours.

After implemented QIT’s system for just two months, the company passed an ISO9000 audit, and no issue has been raised by the auditor in the corrective action system.

Specific results were impressive

  • Passed ISO9000 audit
  • Cultivate a collaborative quality culture
  • Sales and Marketing and two facilities can share real-time information online.
  • Most of the CARs are closed within 15 days comparing to 30+ day before using the program.