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How to conduct root cause analysis in the CAPA system

QIT Quality Management System

Searching the best QMS for your unique process? Get a FREE trial of this web-based Quality Management System and see for yourself how this cost-effective program help you automate processes, mitigate risk, reduce cost, generate quality reports, convert complaints/defects/NCRs to improvement initiatives, and ensure compliance.

  • Corrective Action Software/CAPA
  • Supplier Quality Management
  • Customer Complaints
  • Document Control
  • Audit
  • Six Sigma Production Control
  • Nonconformance/NCR
  • CRM and more...
  • On-Premises or On-Cloud

This Quality Management System (eQMS) can be quickly customized and implemented to small to mid-size manufacturing, service, ISO 9001, ISO13485, and Part 11 companies.

Just tell us your processes and budget. We will configure the program around your requirements.

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Driving Business Improvements Through
Root Cause Analysis and Systemtic Problem Solving

Easy to Integrate
Provides a fully integrated solution that lets you leverage your existing systems.
User-Friendly Interface
Workflow and task driven design concepts that result in clean and intuitive user interfaces.
Improve Productivity
Improve productivity by at least 78% and reduce operating costs by 18% in the first year.
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Quality Costs Savings

Features at a Glance

Tablet Support
Get work done on tablet platforms such as iPad, Nexus, Kindle, and more.
Cost and Risk Analysis
In-depth CAR/SCAR Status reporting, Department Performance reports, and Quality Costs reports.
Highly Customizable
Configure and customize to meet the needs of any organization in any industry.
Identify, correct, and eliminate recurring problems using the 8D problem solving model.
Brainstorm and identify possible causes of a problem and sort ideas into useful categories.
Provide a clear picture while complying with ISO 9000/QS9000, ISO14000, ISO13485, and ISO/TS16949.
"Established 2-way communications and development of relationships and provided improvements on both sides of the equation."

David Smith
Director, QEMSystems

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