Quality Assurance

Supplier Quality System Assessment

Results: …within three moths, four suppliers achieved zero-defect deliveries and started JIT delivery. The overall rejection rate across all subcontracted parts was reduced from 11% to 2% in six months…

Design and improve a Quality Information System to reduce costs of quality at the corporate level

Results: … saved several million dollars every year for a manufacturer… The approach can be easily adapted to service industry firms.

Design and develop a Practical Quality Assurance System for manufacturing facilities

Results: …four subsystems were developed according to QIT’s concepts for a mid-size manufacturer. The new quality system reduced the in-process defect by 50%, and decreased the incoming rejection rate from 11% to 2%…

Design and implement quality data collecting and analyzing the process at the division or department level

Results: … warranty costs were reduced by 2%, shipping costs were reduced by 2%, and in-house damages were reduced by 50%. The process also supported the operation process improvement project in the facility…

System or process optimization projects applicable to every aspect of day-to-day operations

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