Aviation SMS Solution

QIT Aviation Safety Management System (SMS)

Aviation Safety Management

It is all you need to establish FAA recommended Internal Evaluation Program (IEP), verifying compliance with safety regulations in accordance with FAA HBAT 99-19 and Advisory Circular 120-59.

English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic user interface

Product Information:

This web-based package includes:

  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP), ASAP and Employee Safety Feedback modules
  • Line Operation Safety Audit (available in Standard Edition)
  • Normal Operation Safety Survey for Air Traffic Control (NOSS)
  • Human Factor and Risk analysis and trending
  • Root Cause Analysis functions to ensure that all issues are resolved from the root
  • ATOS compatible (EPI and SAI formats)
  • FAA rules for SMS for Part 121 airlines

We also provide services in:

  • IEP procedure and audit checklist review
  • IEP Program Pre-assessment –  review manual, procedures and current program structure and management scheme. Provide suggestions and a proposed IEP audit system and management scheme
  • IEP Audits – Help clients forming an audit management scheme, and then conduct the audits regularly on clients’ behalf
  • IEP Auditor Training – Conduct on-site training and share experiences for auditors to quickly bring auditors up to the requirements
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Key Benefits

Next-Generation Web-based System

  • Creating IEP audit worksheets and audit reports
  • Submitting and managing ASAP data online
  • Monitoring safety improvement activities, human factor and risk trending in real-time
  • Collaborating departments and divisions from multi-locations/facilities

Mitigating risk and make sure all safety incidents are resolved from the root cause

  • Reduces audit program manpower
  • Reduces the time it takes to complete audits
  • Providing built-in Human Factor review and incident re-occurrence analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions

Complying with regulatory requirements and beyond

  • Providing ATOS-compliant audit checklists that are user controlled and easy to change
  • Focusing on Human Factor, risk and actual effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Providing a clear and neat picture of your safety system to auditors
  • Recommended by FAA auditors

Customizable and Easy to Implement

  • Log in and play. No installation and no special IT support is needed
  • Hosting on your own server or on QIT’s secured server (SaaS)
  • Multi-language user interface (English, Chinese, Spanish, French and Arabic)
  • We will work with each new client to customize forms and reports

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Features at a glance

  • Managing IEP, LOSA, ATC IEP, incident reporting and NOSS safety programs for all sizes of airlines and airports
  • Generating IEP audit worksheets and retain audit results
  • Keeping and tracking LOSA observations
  • Dispatching, tracking and following up issued CARs
  • Analyzing CARs to verify corrective actions long-term effects
  • Utilizing built-in IEP, LOSA and CAR flow-charts for easy deployment and navigation
  • Providing Risk and Human Factor trending for both LOSA and IEP
  • Built-in IEP worksheet templates
  • Incorporating color-coded risk assignment
  • Can be used for any system audits such as IEP, ISO9000 or ISO14000

“We are finally “closing the loop” on identified safety issues by having a history record of “accepted” risks or corrective actions by department heads that make them accountable for their decisions.”

One of the best pluses in using this system is it is very easy to use without a lot of training. It has saved me an incredible amount of manual labor in that it issues and tracks to conclusion corrective action requests…” – Ron