Customer Testimonials

QIT Aviation Safety Audit Manager has been tested and used for handling LOSA, IEP, ACT IEP, and NOSS programs for airlines and airport safety program.

It has passed the toughest one year test of one of US large airline customers. It has proven to be an effective yet affordable program for the airlines industry.

Following are some feedbacks from our customers:

“…manage more with fewer resources; do more with less…”

“This simple, time-saving and well-organized application takes the manager out of key-punching and allows managers to manage . . . more than one safety program . . . with less administrative support.”

“One of the best pluses in using this system is it is very easy to use without a lot of training. It has saved me an incredible amount of manual labor in that it issues and tracks to conclusion corrective action requests…”

“No matter what kind of auditing our department does, this application allows one person to manage it without administrative support because most of the traditional audit functions are well organized and functionalized inside the application.”

“We are finally “closing the loop” on identified safety issues by having a history record of “accepted” risks or corrective actions by department heads that make them accountable for their decisions.”

“…The program is working great”

“I am interested in which of your packages would be the most streamlined …”

“… Your system has a nice layout and a reasonable user-friendly interface… in addition, your system has the ability to connect audit questions to an audit and CAR to an audit in a nice way …”


If you are interested in knowing more feedbacks from our customers, we will send you a complete report from one of our large airline customers.