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Corrective Action and Preventive Action System

The Past and the Future of CAPA Management Systems. Where Will You Fit In?

These are just a few questions you have to ask yourself as quality management practices and guidelines continually change and expand. The following information may serve you as a receipt book for your future success…

  • Should I purchase a program or develop one in-house
  • What kind of software programs do I need?
  • Would I benefit more from a web-based solution?
  • What kinds of fact do I need to know about web-based solutions currently on the market?
  • How do I get started?

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Corrective Action Management System and Root Cause Analysis

Corrective action as described in QS9000: The supplier shall establish and maintain documented procedures for implementing corrective and preventive action

Root cause analysis is a process to establish and test the hypothesis… access presentation

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Six Sigma and Production Quality

Establish an Effective Production Quality Monitoring System

After the recent release of QIT Production Quality Management System 3.0, lots of users keep asking similar questions such as

  • What are the differences between Yield and Throughput Yield?
  • What are the advantages of using Throughput Yield?
  • How can we adopt Six Sigma methodology on a regular basis rather than on project basis? [in some cases, Six Sigma methodology were stopped being used after the projects were claimed completed.]

Indeed, implementing Six Sigma could be simple, and all the statistic analysis could be easy. The question is if Six Sigma professionals can have the correct understanding of some basic concepts and use the right tools… access presentation

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Return to the Core of a Quality System (published in ASQ website August 12, 2002)

Six Sigma quality, the closest thing to a management fad to have surfaced since the dot-com bust, has passed its peak, a leading financial newspaper argued several weeks ago. If Six Sigma continues to follow past patterns, the next stage will be disenchantment, as companies find that the technique often achieves less than expected. Access presentation

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