Six Sigma Calculator

QIT Sigma Calculator

  • QIT Sigma Calculator is a shareware, which is a handy tool to calculate Six Sigma Measurements such as DPU, DPMO, Yield, Sigma Level and Cpk.
  • The Sigma levels computed in this program is based on a statistic formula rather than an approximated conversion table. Therefore, the results from this program are more accurate.
  • It is ideal tool for precision calculations for advanced users who seek continuous improvements on their Six Sigma projects.

Six Sigma CalculatorFeatures at a Glance:

– Import data from an Excel template

– Save dataset for future reference

– Outputs for single-step process:

  • DPU
  • DPMO
  • Yield
  • Short-term Sigma
  • Cpk

– Outputs for multi-step process

  • Rolled Throughput Yield (Yield rt)
  • Throughput Yield (Yield tp)
  • Long-term Sigma
  • Short-term Sigma
  • Cpk
  • TDPU
  • DPMO