QIT Solutions

QIT SolutionsAt QIT, we design solutions specifically for the manufacturing, service, and aviation industries.

Today, companies are facing unique challenges of soaring material and labor cost. All these challenges have a direct impact on the customers. Only those who are responsive and satisfy customers’ changing needs will survive.

In such rapidly changing environment, replying customer complaints and requests in a timely and efficient manner is just not enough. To satisfy your customers and reduce cost, all the complaints and requests should be transformed to improvement initiatives via corrective actions and preventive actions.

Ask yourself following questions:

1 What are the major issues that we are having now? Who is responsible for these issues?
2 What are the major products that are costing us the most and how much are they costing us?
3 Do suppliers in China and Mexico respond to your corrective actions? Do they reply on time?

If you can not find the information to answer these questions within 5 minutes, you might need to consider one of QIT’s enhanced solutions to improve your system.

Our Solutions include:

  • Customer Complaints, and Nonconformance Management – sample case
  • Supplier and Supply Chain Management – sample case
  • Global Corrective Action and Preventive Action Management – sample case
  • Web-based IEP, ASAP, Employee Safety Feedback, and Corrective Action Management learn more
  • Desktop Edition IEP, LOSA and Corrective Action Management learn more
  • Customer complaints, issues, incidents and events management learn more

The Benefits:

Incorporate the Latest Management Concepts
Gain advantage with QIT’s business process engineering and workflow management knowledge. Move towards the future with an optimized business process beyond just the computer program.

Flexible and Customizable
Flexible configuration allows us to customize and adapt the software around your company’s unique requirements.

Flexible licensing and payment methods.

User-Friendly Interface
Workflow-driven and task-driven design concepts that result in clean and intuitive user interfaces.

Fast Turnaround
Most customers are up and running with our Global Corrective Action Management software with customizations within four weeks.

Easy to Integrate and Fully Scalable
Provides a fully integrated solution that lets you leverage your existing systems customer or supplier lists, product lists, document management systems, etc.

Our Expertise:

  • Process-driven and task-oriented designs
  • C#, C++, VB and Java programming
  • SQL 2000 database
  • IBM DB2 SQL Procedure
  • WebSphere Application
  • DB2 Database
  • Microsoft Access database