Customer Complaints/Nonconformance Management System for international businesses


QIT Quality Management System

QIT Quality Management System

A major US household product manufacturer, which has

  • A Call Center in the US
  • 10 distribution centers around the world
  • 8 manufacturing facilities in China
  • Over 150 OEM suppliers around the world

Major Issues

Prior to employing QIT Customer Complaint Management system, the company used a database based on Lotus Notes to management customer complaints.

  • The QA engineers spent 60% of their time on tracking CARs with local factories and OEM suppliers and prepared reports for senior management.
  • Ironically, similar problems happened again and again despite the local factories and supplier have reported the root causes have been resolved.

Solutions and New Business Process:

  • Step 1- Implement the Program and Collect Data:
    • Customers/consumers in the US and UK are able to submit their concerns and complaints through internet
    • Customer service representatives at the call center in the US are able to log in customer complaints from 800 service calls, emails and faxes
    • Sales representatives around the world are able to enter customer complaints and any concerns about the products
  • Step 2 – Analysis the Data, Define Key Issues and Issue CAR
    • QA Managers in the US HQ and China divisions are able to review and analysis customers complaints and define failure mode and customer usage pattern
    • QA managers and engineers are able to issue CARs right after the product audits or whenever any issue was found
  • Step 3 – Resolve the Key Issues
    • Local plants and OEM suppliers can retrieve CAR info and send corrective action right into a centralized database without emails back and forth

Specific results:

  • Establish a global problem solving system in just few months with a affordable cost
  • No headcount increase was needed to facilitate and maintain the program
  • Customer Service, Sales, Quality and Supplier Management Departments from around the world to share real-time information online and focus on providing effective solutions for customers issues
  • Cost saving of 2 million/year* by effectively communicate the issues
  • Shortened problem solving cycle-time by 50%