Company NameIndustry
Orion Registrar Inc. Registrar/Certification Body
GEM Mfg. Manufacturing
3M Manufacturing
Honeywell Manufacturing
Pfizer Pharmaceutical
Allstate Insurance Insurance
Tyco Healthcare Manufacturing
Xerox Manufacturing
Asco Industries Aerospace
Landrover Automobile
Iran Khodro Co. Automobile
Absolute Business Consulting
Advisor Consulting
TQM Consultants Ltd Consulting
Vijay Engineering’s Engineering
Thal engineering Engineering
Cott Beverages USA Food and Beverages
Joseph's Pasta Company Food and Beverages
Apex Industries Inc. Precision Machining
Applica Consumer Product Inc. Household Product
Bharti Cellular Ltd IT and Telecom
Importek IT and Telecom
Interphase Corporation IT and Telecom
Sunlight Electronics IT and Telecom
Crane Co. Manufacturing
Guardian Building Products Manufacturing
Mahle Migma ltd Manufacturing
Perfect Bore Ltd Manufacturing
QSC Audio Manufacturing
Supra Alloys Inc Manufacturing
Husky Oil
YCS PVT Ltd Pharmaceutical
Breakthru Tech Semiconductor
General Silicones Co., Ltd. Semiconductor
Microtronic Semiconductor