About QIT Consulting

aboutLocated in Milford, Connecticut USA, QIT Consulting is a consulting and software development firm specializing in Business Process Improvement, Quality Assurance, Aviation Safety Management System(SMS), Corrective Action, Complaints Management, ISO9000 and Supplier Management Software.

As business process improvement professionals, we work with clients to streamline and improve management system through the use of business process engineering, Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma concepts, and cutting-edge information technology. As information technology specialists, we harness our deep knowledge and hands-on experience of business process improvement to provide clients with professional, innovative and cost-effective solutions. Read QIT’s guiding principles.

We enable clients to transform liabilities such as defects, nonconformance, customer complaints, and safety incidents into improvement initiatives. Clients engage our services as they recognize customer satisfaction, cost saving and productivity improvement from in-depth data/root cause analysis, effective corrective/preventive actions and efficient communications.

Our customers include large corporations such as General Electric, Tyco Healthcare, Magna, Miller Coors and Citrix, and other small to mid-size companies from manufacturing, automotive, aviation, service, OEM/ODM, food processing, pharmaceutical and hospital/clinic businesses from around the world. View Client Profiles

QIT’s Products and Services

Based on our 20+ years experiences in quality assurances and supplier management, we have developed the following major product lines:

Besides our standard off-the-shelf programs. We also provide quality assurance and Six Sigma consulting services, customized database and web-based application development services in:

  • Microsoft Access database
  • MS SQL database
  • C#, C++, VB and Java programming
  • IBM DB2 SQL Procedure
  • IBM WebShpere Application
  • DB2 Database

 What this means to you

  • Improved business process while reducing unnecessary cost by eliminating waste.
  • Improve customer satisfaction by effectively turning issues and complaints into actions that invoke meaningful improvements.
  • Quickly implement an ISO9000 corrective action system, Six Sigma production monitoring system, or IEP and LOSA safety program to meet FAA recommendations.
  • Reduce costs and increase safety and quality awareness.