Desktop Solution

QIT Aviation Safety Audit Management System Desktop Edition

Product Information:

It is all you need to establish FAA recommended Internal Evaluation Program (IEP), verifying compliance with safety regulations in accordance with FAA HBAT 99-19 and Advisory Circular 120-59.  More details…

This desktop package includes:

  • Internal Evaluation Program (IEP)
  • Line Operation Safety Audit (available in Standard Edition)
  • Normal Operation Safety Survey for Air Traffic Control (NOSS)
  • Human Factor and Risk analysis and trending
  • Root Cause Analysis functions to ensure that all issues are resolved from the root
  • ATOS compatible (EPI and SAI formats)
We also provide services in:

  • IEP procedure and audit checklist review
  • IEP Program Pre-assessment –  review manual, procedures and current program structure and management scheme. Provide suggestions and a proposed IEP audit system and management scheme
  • IEP Audits – Help clients forming a audit management scheme, and then conduct the audits regularly on clients’ behalf
  • IEP Auditor Training – Conduct on-site training and share experiences for auditors to quickly bring auditors up to the requirements
  • Email one of our Senior Consultants to find out more

Aviation Safety ManagementKey Benefits

A Cost-effective Desktop Solution

  • Creating IEP audit worksheets and audit reports
  • Monitoring safety improvement activities in real-time
  • Collaborating departments and divisions within LAN

Mitigating risk and make sure all safety incidents are being resolved from the root cause

  • Integrated root cause and risk analysis and corrective action management processes
  • Providing built-in Human Factor review and Incident reoccurrence analysis to evaluate the effectiveness of corrective actions

Complying with various quality standards and beyond

  • Complying with ATOS (EPI and SAI formats) and ISO9000
  • Focusing on Human Factor, risk and actual effectiveness of corrective actions
  • Providing a clear and neat picture of your safety system to auditors
  • Closing the loop of the quality improvement cycle

Saving time and administrative support on your everyday tasks

  • Entering data once and sharing data seamlessly with users within the network (LAN)
  • Install and go. No special IT support is needed

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Features at a glance

  • Manage IEP, LOSA, ATC IEP, incident reporting and NOSS safety programs for all sizes of airlines and airports
  • Generate IEP audit worksheets and retains audit results
  • Keep and track LOSA observations
  • Dispatch, track and follow up issued CARs
  • Analyzes CARs to verify corrective actions long-term effects
  • Utilize built-in IEP, LOSA and CAR flow-charts for easy deployment and navigation
  • Provide Risk and Human Factor trending for both LOSA and IEP
  • Built-in IEP worksheet templates
  • Incorporate color-coded risk assignment
  • Can be used for any system audits such as IEP, ISO9000 or ISO14000

“…manage more with fewer resources; do more with less…”

One of the best pluses in using this system is it is very easy to use without a lot of training. It has saved me an incredible amount of manual labor in that it issues and tracks to conclusion corrective action requests…” – Ron